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3 02 2009
Carlos García

Salutations Everybody:

I was in the group Maidu. If it were not for the apprenticeship program, I would not have been able to connect with so many beautiful people, sounds, and ideas. It is great to see the program moving in new and great directions. I am in Mexico right now. Please contact me a the address I submitted.

We Will Gather,
Carlos García

4 12 2008
Clive Miller

This is one of those experiences in life that you would not trade for anything in the world,it politicized me and made me become more aware of my surroundings and the global community as a whole and my duty as a human being to help affect change so we can one day have a better world to live in . I have become more of an activist and the wealth of knowledge and wisdom is endless also ,the wonderful people you will meet and share in their lives is priceless , i am happy to say i am a proud first voice apprentice graduate and i am honored to be a part 25 years of stellar tradition respect to all the people gone before me and thanks to the people who come after to keep it alive. Big up to (Voices of the Revolution group 31)
Blessed love

24 11 2008

Doing this program was very rewarding and I will never forget the experience and the wonderful people I’ve met (Villalobos Yahafez Matorral, Group 29). Thank you to those at the helm of this program who are keeping the First Voice Action Media Program going. It is necessary.

17 11 2008

Tell mickey I said thank you! Keep up the great work!

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