About Us

First Voice Media is an Oakland based media production company.  First Voice Media focuses on utilizing digital media and the web as a way for people to tell their stories.

The Mission of First Voice Media is to engage in media activism through community development and creative empowerment.  Our mission is rooted in our responsibility to build the capacity of underrepresented communities in initiating grassroots social change. We seek to use our resources and our histories to document authentic expressions of our past, present, and future.

We document community events and community storytelling.  We offer media training to organizations and individuals.  As a media justice organization, it is our mission to make media that reflects who we are, and pass our skills on to others so they can do the same.


One response

21 02 2010
chris martin

Hi!, I would like to let the people at KPFA know I really appreciate all the work that you have done with world music as I think it helps to let us learn more about our cultures evolution with peace and justice and I think it helps us get more of a American developing world approach to newer things we may of encountered in Israel and Palestine and I hope we let our peace work also help out the poor people Haiti as we have always been a culture that has a Latin American or Carribean flair and I hope KPFA and Pacifica keep working on world music to support newer cultural development in smaller countries like Haiti and in the Middle East that are important as aspects of our own heritage and alot of people I meet have been also appreciative of Berkeley’s local artists and culture that has its own peacework vital for education as well as local bay area civilization that we hope will be for peace and include the new world music that has a lot of new supporters who have been hoping for a way to keep going in the modern world.

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