Through our Apprenticeship Program at KPFA, we provide comprehensive broadcast, technical, and administrative skills training as a means to empower our participants to tell their own stories.

For more information go to:


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13 08 2011
neu verlieben

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7 05 2011
Wren Robb

Like the above comments

I am a huge fan of KPFA and excited when an few friends recommended I apply to this program, I have come in for interviews surrounding music, and activist work in the community. I am extremely interested in the apprenticeship program, and have tried all links online to get the application. I would be happy to come in and get an application but it would be nice to know who to talk to and ask questions. Thank you work your time and I hope to hear from someone soon. Please feel free to call me @ 510-219-0026 or email Thanks.

9 05 2011
First Voice Media

Sorry that the application above isn’t working, this sight is out of date. please try over at and either click on ‘To apply’ or follow the latest post from that site. we’ll try to update this site as well to avoid confusion.

if you want to talk, our phone is 510-848-6767 x 235. due to cutbacks apprentices are only in the office on mondays between 4 and 7 and on thursdays and fridays from 3 to 6pm. feel free to call and ask questions. if no one answers, leave a message.

Thanks for your support and interest

27 05 2010
Ann Marie Alexander

I am very impressed with your radio station and would like to actively support you through volunteering and participate in your apprenticeship program.

I am finding it difficult to bring up the application can you e-mail it to me.

Thank You,

28 03 2010
Jason liesner

Dear ,fellow activist, Miki Mayzes ,
My name is Jason Liesner and I would like to join the first voice program because I’m very concerned with the state of our country . I was not a very political person until the stealing of votes and an election ,in Florida , in the 2000 Presidential election. Since then I’ve been an avid listener of Democracy Now ,Hardknock radio ,Randi Rhodes , Tom Hartman , and Mike Malloy. The last 3 on green 960. I also watch a lot of c-span , especially Washington Journal , Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. These shows have made me highly aware of the state of our eroding democracy. Yet , after watching Capitalism a love story ,I have become determined to become part of the solution to our dilemma . My problem is I’m a union 595 electrician and I can’t work weekdays at the station while I’m working with the union ,although sometimes there are gaps in my employment .Yet I would still love to be apart of first voice. I can work nights and weekends if its allowed. Can you help me? P.s. My father Joe liesner of Berkeley Community Media and Food Not Bombs tells me that you may be able to give me some information. Peace after revolution,

21 05 2010
Miss Renee

We now have a night shift for folks who have full time jobs. Apply through our website:

25 01 2010
Don Kirkpatrick

I have had an interesting employment history from being an Economist in charge of International Trade in the office of a Mayor of a large city to a Director of an Economic Development. In addition, I have lived in Denmark for a year and Thailand for two years. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe including Russia. The last 22 years have been spent as a manager or account manager in Directory and Internet sales. My father was in charge of foreign students at a University. I would love to have the opportunity to host a program on international issues by conducting interviews with individuals from the Bay Area.

17 08 2009
Felipe Hernandez

Hi everyone, I would love to be part of “Apprenticeship program”. How can I get more information about the program.

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